Tax Planning For Individuals

We at MITAX try to develop various tax saving strategies for individuals who re in high Income annual brackets. Various tools from insurance products are also used to reduce the taxes and increase the tax refund of Individuals. Besides the other strategies formation of trust can also be looked at to reduce the impact of tax on high income family members from passive income. We also develop the various retirement strategies based on the present income level and expected length of service to ensure constant flow of income in those years when a person will not be working and enjoying his retirement life.

We also advice techniques for setting up income-splitting arrangements using trusts. These include arranging for capital gains to be realized by family members who have little or no income. A trust can have a variety of other uses, including acting as a facility for tax-loss selling, making income creditor-proof, allowing control over assets, and helping with estate planning.

Tax Planning for Corporate Owners

Corporations have always been the favorite business models for the business people because of the following reasons:

Share Holder Remuneration Strategies

Whenever share holders withdraw the money from the business it is a taxable event and can trigger the tax liability. Here the roll

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