Services To Non Residents

International Business and Investment transaction have become more common in these days because of great evolution in infrastructure development. This increase in the cross border business has shifted lots of responsibility on the tax professional to provide advise on various aspects which are relevant to international business. We as tax advisor provides advice on various issues which includes the followings:

  • Determination of appropriate and tax effective business model i.e. Foreign Sub vs. Branch
  • Determination of tax status from Canadian Tax point of view
  • Various tax obligations while making payment to Non Residents
  • Various filing requirements in Canadian tax system
  • Withholding tax requirements under Canadian tax system
  • Any other related tax issues or tax opinions

Some Important and relevant tax circulars issues by Canada Revenue Agency are being provided for general information

  • Non - Resident Income Tax » IC77-16R4
  • Required Withholding Tax from payment to Non residents performing Service in Canada » IC75-6R2
  • International Transfer pricing and other International Transactions » IC87-2R
  • Disposition of Canadian property by Non-Resident » IC72-17R5

Formation of Corporation

Like other part of the world a person can earn money in two broad capacities. One working as employee and second working as

Tax Planning for Corporate Owners

Corporations have always been the favorite business models for the business people because of the following reasons:

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