Sale \ Purchase of Business

The sale or purchase of business is very important event in the life of business person. There can be two methods to acquire new business. One is to buy the shareholding from existing owner and second is to buy the assets of business and transfer it to new corporation. The first method has always been good from seller point of view because as per the present Canadian law an exemption of $750,000 can be claimed on the gain of qualified share of Canadian controlled Private Corporation. Simultaneously seller always want to fix low selling prices towards depreciable assets to reduce overall tax liability on the other hand purchaser always wanted to allocate higher price towards depreciable assets to enjoy more CCA \Depreciation to reduce his business tax. So we at MITAX help our clients to structure their sales consideration which is most tax effective in a particular situation.

Corporate Reorganization

As the business grows its needs and other requirements also changes. A experienced tax accountant plays a very important role

Business Succession Planning

Sooner or later, everyone wants to retire. But if you own a family business, retirement isn't just a matter of deciding not to go into the

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