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MI SCHOOL has always been the dream project of MITAX. Besides the tax practice it has always been our effort to spread the knowledge about this subject among the people. We have been continuously Conducting talk show on radio about various aspects of Canadian tax system. We are now very happy to start teaching this subject and the first batch is going to start in July 2011. Our Qualified accountants are going to conduct the classes and will teach this most complicated subject in very easy manner and friendly atmosphere. This entire course is going to be divided in to two parts and going to be in weekend so that even working people can take advantage of this course. The benefit of these course is not only it will give you strong knowledge about our tax system but can be a starting point in your new career of Tax Preparer A brief description about the contents of these two courses are as under:

  • Income Tax system in Canada;
  • Who, What and When is required to file a tax return;
  • Deadline for filing individual tax return;
  • Methods of filing tax return;
  • Residency status for tax purposes;
  • Important terms in the Income Tax Act;
  • Canadian tax rules;
  • Goods & Service Tax Credit (GSTC);
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit
  • Income and types of Income;
  • Types of income exempt from tax
  • Employment Income;
  • Different terms associated with employment income (such as Employment Deductions and Credits, Non Refundable Tax Credits etc)
  • Investment Income
  • Types of Deductions (such as RRSP, Child Care Expenses, Moving Expenses etc)
  • Capital Gains Taxation;
  • Taxing Rental Income;
  • Taxation of Business Income
  • Preparation of Corporate Tax Returns
  • Some advance issues relating to corporate tax return
  • Filing tax Appeals & Handling Tax Audits

The cost of these two modules are $299 for each part which included the cost of study materials. In case if you also wants to take advantage of these two courses register online and feel the difference.

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