Filing Tax - At your Home

In Canada our annual tax return has been named as "Income Tax & Benefit Return" which shows the importance of tax filing. In Canada we as a Canadians are entitled to various benefit from the government like "Child Tax Benefit" , "GST Credit" , "Old Age Pension" etc. The only condition to avail all these benefit is to File your tax return even if there is no taxable income during the year or there is no tax payable during the year.

This reason of tax filing brings millions of proud Canadians to file their tax return. Presently there are two broad options for Canadian to file their tax return

  • Go to Accountants office, and let him file your Tax Return
  • The second option is to use Net file software to file tour tax return

The first option has advantage that your Tax return is being filed by tax experts so you can have assurance that whatever your entitlements are being taken care and you get what you deserves. But this option has two major disadvantage first that you have to spent time for driving to accountants office and waiting there as every good Accountant is always very busy in Tax season. Secondly you pay much more than what you spent while using NET FILE Tax software.

The disadvantage in the second option is that you are filing your tax return by your self and we can not presume that every person has complete knowledge on this subject so we can miss some points which can cause loss of tax advantage which otherwise was available for us.

The MITAX fully understand this dilemma and brings third option for you. Now you can give all your tax option through web based application to the experts of MITAX as per your convenience and let our team prepare your tax and file it for you. In this option you are saving your time and money like the NET FILE option but still your tax is being handled by tax experts.

So if you have made up you’re your mind you can start it now and you will feel how easy it was to file your tax this time.

Representation Before CRA

The Canadian tax system is a unique tax system in its own. Our tax system is based on trust & honesty and most of the tax returns are

Filing Tax Appeals

The tax audit has been a very important & effective tool which is being used by CRA to ensure tax rules compliance by the Canadians.

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