Estate Planning

Estate planning deals with wealth preservation and the orderly transfer of assets, either during lifetime or on death. With our background in tax, law and financial planning, Mitax is uniquely qualified to offer you the help and guidance you might need to protect your wealth and to see that your objectives are met.

Our comprehensive services are made up of the following components:


  • Review of family assets and liabilities
  • Review of will
  • Assistance with valuation of business interests and other assets
  • Advising on the tax implications of transferring assets to family members, during lifetime or on death
  • Review of insurance needs
  • Advising on insurance strategies to fund taxes on death and minimize taxes on death
  • Planning to reduce probate fees
  • Implementation of estate plan to reduce taxes and preserve wealth
  • Ongoing monitoring of estate plan
  • Income splitting among family members through the use of corporations and trusts


  • Terminal tax filings in the year of death
  • Ongoing estate tax filings
  • Wind-up of estates and obtaining final clearances

We strongly advise you to begin your estate planning right away by contacting us for a preliminary review.

Insurance Services

Life insurance has been viewed as income replacement tool and very limited use of this concepts has been there in the mind of most of the people across the globe. Our firm started educating people in the area of GTA about the broad use of this tool through RADIO TALK SHOWS in Toronto. A new picture was introduced to the people about the use of life insurance in their financial needs

A separate division of Tax plan is fully dedicated in the area of Life Insurance and Estate Planning Services. We are the insurance broker for almost all the insurance companies offering insurance in Canada.

We offer different and unique strategies using the insurance tool in the following area:

  • Insurance as tax refund maximization strategy
  • Insurance as early mortgage repayment strategy
  • Insurance as estate creation strategy
  • Insurance as Estate preservation strategy
  • Maximization of retirement Income using "RSP meltdown strategy" in the time of recession and "concept of leveraging" in the boom period

The experts in the area of estate planning help our client to meet their financial need through the use of life insurance.

The small business people having their own business corporation can use their low tax paid retained earnings in tax sheltered growth vehicle.

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